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Prior Press Coverage

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Press Coverage...


04/12/07 - PBwiki YackPack partnership, press release done through YackPack on PBwiki!


Welcome. We are live at PBwiki's press conference for educators and educational journalists with YackPack. We're here to talk about the WalkieTalkie widget you can install on your wiki (video: How YackPack voice chat works inside your PBwiki).


To participate, just move your mouse over the widget and, when the button turns from "Live" to "Push to Talk," do so and you'll be able to speak to everyone else. You need a microphone to do this.


When you first speak, please introduce yourself. If you have any problems, please visit this page to talk to a YackPack engineer.


We are Ramit Sethi, co-founder of PBwiki, BJ Fogg, founder of YackPack and Curt Hopkins, PR guy for PBwiki.


2pm PT: Technology journalists.

powered by ODEO



6pm PT: Educators and educational journalists.

powered by ODEO




But the best praise comes from our users...


Greg C.


David B.


Sharon M.


The Thesaurus doesn't offer many powerful alternatives to the word "Thanks". So, just know that when I say it, it comes with all the robustness and potency that word is capable of.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Dylan W.


Michelle L.


Paul L.




Rayellen G.

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