United Nations Choose PBwiki to Create Global Compact


United Nations Uses Wikis to Create Global Compact





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United Nations and PBwiki Partner to Provide Global Platform for Corporate Responsibility


San Bruno, CA, April 24, 2007 – San Bruno, CA, April 20, 2007 - PBwiki (http://pbwiki.com), the world's largest provider of wiki software and hosting, has entered into a globally significant partnership with the United Nations. PBwiki is working with the U.N. on their Global Compact (http://www.unglobalcompact.org/). 


The Global Compact is a collaborative initiative to create a worldwide corporate responsibility agreement. Stakeholders include:



PBwiki is providing the means for collaboration (http://globalcompact.pbwiki.com/) of the disparate signatories of the Global Compact. Using PBwiki they are collaboratively authoring their guiding policy document, discussing issues of importance and nominating good corporate citizens. With the launch of their "Communication on Progress," U.N. Global Compact members are reviewing participants for transparency and accountability. The goal of the Compact is to create a fully searchable database of progress reports by Compact participants. Over 2,000 reports have already been reviewed and tagged on the wiki.


"Working with the United Nations is a furthering of what we already do," said PBwiki CEO David Weekly. "We facilitate collaboration between educators and students and between coworkers, between businesses and customers. This is just an extension of that mission into a global context."


PBwiki Founder & CEO David Weekly has an ongoing relationship with the U.N.



"PBwiki has been very helpful to us in designing and maintaining an interactive space for content distribution and data capture" said Jeff Senne, COP Manager of the Global Compact office.

With over 100 countries involved, the Global Compact initiative is based at http://www.unglobalcompact.org . The Global Compact PBwiki is located at http://globalcompact.pbwiki.com/